Inscription : the Journal of Material Text – Theory, Practice, History.

the Journal of Material Text – Theory, Practice, History

Inscription will combine imaginative thinking and
critical rigour to take the study of material texts in new
directions. Inscription will be at home equally in the first
century and the twenty-first, as well as all points in
between, and will feature work by practitioners – book
artists, printmakers and writers – alongside academic
discussion. Inscription’s focus is not just on the meanings
and uses of the codex book, but also the nature of writing
surfaces (papery or otherwise), and the processes of
mark-marking in the widest possible sense : from handpress
printing to vapour trails in the sky ; from engraved
stones to digital text. The journal’s theoretically aware,
trans-historical, and cross-disciplinary remit will break
with the conventions of academic ghettoization, creating
connections between areas that have much to say to one
another – bibliography, media theory, conservation, the
history of the book, museum studies, and artist’s book
studies, for instance – enabling wide-ranging conversation
and unexpected juxtapositions. Inscription promises not
only to add to the field but to set new agendas for the next
phase in the study of material texts.
In another break with the conventional academic
journal, Inscription’s dos-à-dos format, inspired by Edgar
Allan Poe’s short story ‘A Descent into the Maelström’,
means Inscription has two beginnings, no end, and a
central colophon with the publishing information
spiralling down into nothing. Each edition of Inscription
will have a guest artist-in-residence, digital artist-inresidence,
poet-in-residence and writer-in-residence ; and
each edition will be accompanied by a vinyl LP featuring
an author reading from their work.

Editor : Gill Partington
Editor : Adam Smyth
Editor : Simon Morris
Cover design : Erica Baum
Artist-in-residence : Jérémie Bennequin
Digital artist-in-residence : Craig Saper
Poet-in-residence : Craig Dworkin
Writer-in-residence : Sean Ashton
Digital Designer (AR, VR & Coding) : Ian Truelove
Project Manager : Zara Worth
Designer : Fraser Muggeridge studio, London
Publisher : Information as Material, York in partnership with
Leeds Beckett University
Editorial Board : Sean Ashton, Derek Beaulieu, Sarah
Bodman, Christian Bök, Angie Butler, Felipe Cussen,
Johanna Drucker, Dennis Duncan, Rob Fitterman, Jo
Hamill, Nasser Hussain, Tina Lupton, Bonnie Mak, Kaja
Marczewska, Brooke Palmieri, Craig Saper, Nick Thurston,
Whitney Trettien, Daniel Wakelin, Patrick Wildgust,
Abigail Williams.

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